Facebook – Goodbye my old friend

Isolation. That’s all that Facebook creates. A world of friends? No, a world of fake lives that are created for the purpose of looking better than we actually are. I was a victim of this phenomenon. I would post my happy photos, the ones where i look slimmer from the right angle, make up perfect, kids clean and smiling. No one ever witnessed my jogging bottom and ripped vest combo when i was cleaning the house. The children after their dinner covered in ketchup and ice cream. Or the moments of despair when family life got too much and all i wanted to do was punch a pillow and scream out profanities until i had no voice left!

So today i am deleting my Facebook account, Snapchat, Intagram and Tumblr. Will my life be less full without these in it? No! I will learn to phone people. To talk face to face. Maybe even meet for coffee and talk, go shopping or catch a movie. Damn i might even read a book again, the thing i love doing to the most. An hour ago i was sat in the bath having a nice relaxing time. A few years ago that would have involved a large bowl of fruit, some scented candles and a great book. Today, the only thing that was with me was my smartphone with the Facebook open the whole 45 minutes. What the hell was a doing?

This has all come about as for the past 8 days i have been camping in Cornwall. The sight that we stayed on had NO reception. No internet for a blissfull 8 days. You know, i didn’t miss it one bit, yet on the drive home (in the passenger seat) as soon as i had signal, what did i do? Posted a status update on bloody Facebook. I chose the most flattering photo’s that i had taken and uploaded those too. That night i lay in bed for 2 hours reading status updates. WTF!!!

I am going to enjoy my new found freedom. I am going to play with my children. I am going to go for long walks in the country side with my husband. I will read books again and listen to music. I will spend more time studying. I will enjoy my life instead of reading about other peoples fake lives. I cannot wait to start living again 🙂


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